Add voice to your photos with SeeMail.

SeeMail is a revolutionary new mobile app that adds audio to the photo sharing experience. Our patent pending™ captures your voice and the sounds around you to bring your photos to life. SeeMail your friends privately, share socially, and create conversations around your images. SeeMail is personal, intimate, beautiful, fun, and easy to use. SeeMail appeals to all ages, has thousands of uses, and has a cool retro vibe. Share The Story Behind The Photo™ with SeeMail.


We believe that behind every photo is a great story. Remember when photos were printed and shared as something you could actually touch? Have you ever seen old photos with a note written on the back? When you shared the photo with someone you shared the story too. It was these photos that inspired SeeMail founder Ward Chandler to create that experience with digital photos. With SeeMail you can share The Story Behind The Photo™ in your own words, and SeeMail captures it all in a way never before possible.

How it works

SeeMail is fun and easy to use.

Once upon a time ...

Founder and CEO Ward Chandler (Linkedin Profile) registered way back in 1998 with a vision to create something better than the text-only emails of the day - something with pictures. It took 14 years for technology to catch up and in March 2012 SeeMail came to life a mobile app for iPhone.

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SeeMail Version 1.0 was approved by Apple March 30, 2012. 4 major updates to SeeMail have been released since launch - most recently 1.4.2 released October 14, 2012. SeeMail currently runs on iPhone and any camera enabled iPod Touch or iPad.

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