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    The Story Behind The Photo ®

  • Inspiration

    Behind every great photo is a great story waiting to be told.   Remember the old photos with a hand written note on the back?  
    When you shared the photo with someone you shared the story too.  SeeMail brings that same experience to digital photo sharing.
    With SeeMail you can share The Story Behind The Photo™ in your own words!

    Add Life To Your Photos™

    SeeMail adds audio to your photos.   A picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture with sound is priceless.
    Capture your voice or the sounds around you with our patent-pending Audiot.ag technology.  
    SeeMail your friends privately and share those intimate moments ... or share socially, and create conversations around your images.

    Love  Love  Love

     SeeMail is personal, intimate, beautiful, fun, and easy to use.   
    SeeMail has been featured in national media including FastCompany and KTLA News.  Voted Best Mobile Entertainment App of 2012 by iMedia. won of the iMedia .
    But best of all, our users love us, and that's all that really matters.  SeeMail is truly the best way to preserve those priceless moments.
  • Life .. Camera .. Seemail

    Take SeeMail With You

    Sometimes the best moments are not 4G moments.    SeeMail saves them anyways, and shares them as soon as you are back in service.

    Social Sharing ... and Sharing ...

    Are you the King Tut of Social?  SeeMail has you covered.  Share your SeeMail with your personal Facebook page, any page you manage, and multiple twitter accounts ... all at the same time!
    boom, Boom and BOOM!

    Superstar Ready

    You never know when you are going to bump into an old friend.   Sure the photo is great - but add the AUDIO and HEAR them.  Now you have a memory to last forever.
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